Study’s Background

“Pancasilla” was a well known principles since it declaration in 1st June 1945 by Soekarno. Pancasila is the national ideology, the principle of constitutions, and the tool to unify the compound civil of Indonesia. Principally, pancasila only some ideological concept but, it runs very urgent function as the national ideology. All constitutions, laws, and other regulations have to be referred on it. But is Pancasila consists of complete aspects of human life including religion and belief? IsPancasila “acceptable” and “suitable” for all civil society? Does our government apply this national ideology as well as in the ideal condition? The codetta of PKI (Indonesia Communist Party) in 1965, the codetta of DI-TII Darul Islam (DI) and Tentara Islam Indonesia (TII) in 1949-1954, and GAM (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka) defined that pancasila failed to be the most acceptable national ideology in Indonesia. However, in the development of Indonesia some scholars argue that the Indonesia government already applied the best in these ideologies. And others argue that the government violates these ideologies. This paper strives to define the urgency of the first principle ideology of Pancasila and the government’s violation of the first principle of Pancasila. In case, that the existence of Pancasila as the national ideology is unchangeable; because the change of it only caused into the new national instability.


1. Is Pancasila became the most acceptable and suitable national ideology of Indonesia?

2. Is the Indonesia government doing the best to apply Pancasila as the national ideology especially, the first ideology?

Purposes and Utilities of paper

1. Purposes

a) To identify the synchronies values of Pancasila and religion.

b) To analyze the application of first ideology in the development of Indonesia.

2. Utilities

a) For the writer: To fulfill the assignment for Civic Education study.

b) For the reader: To be a reference in the issues of Pancasila.


The existence of Pancasila and the first principle (Belief in the one and only God)

The importance of Pancasila and it relationship with the Islamic ideology

Pancasila as the national ideology is unchangeable; the principle purpose of Pancasila is to unify the complex society of Indonesian which is consisted of many religions, ethnics, and cultures. Actually, there are many influences of Islamic though in our national ideology but, concerning the complexity of religion in Indonesia the Islamic ideology which influenced on it is not explicitly written in textual context. The history recorded that the Islamic thought that consists of the truth, social justice, freedom, dignity and other humanities values come against colonialism. The spirit to get the Independency motivated the Islamic movements to take a part in the struggle to actualize Indonesian independency. Some prominent figure included Pangeran Diponegoro, Sultan Agung, K.H. Wachid Hasjim, Tengku Cik Dik Tiro, Teuku Umar, Cut Nyak Dien, etc. Have their own colors and inventions in the Indonesian Independency.

The history recorded that Islam is the most acceptable and popular religion in Indonesia before Hindu, Buddha, Christian, Catholic, and Konghucu. Islam welcomed warmly by almost local society in Indonesia since 1292 until now. Almost national patriots are a Muslim. These conditions indirectly influenced the government system since the Independence Day up to day included, the national ideology ofPancasila. Actually, the first principle of Pancasila “Belief in the one and only God” resulted from a very controversial process. The mainstreams notions of that time were to take Indonesia become an Islamic country or a Communist country. The roles of Islam in the past Indonesia was undoubted but, there were also major roles from the nationalists and non-Islam movement whose took a part in the government. The origin of the first principle of Pancasila was “… by the obligatory to apply the Islamic Syariah for the followers.” This is today known as “Piagam Jakarta” It also represented Islam as the major contributor for Indonesian Independency. It argued by some dominant Muslim figures was missing actualized because of the complexity of Indonesian society. It also represents Islam as the major contributor for Indonesian Independency. It resulted into a controversial condition at that time. The communists, nationalists, and even an Islamic national organization (Nahdhatul-‘ulama and Muhammadiyah) declaimed this idea. Human right and Indonesian complexness claimed as the major issue to opposite the Islamic ideology.Therefore, the first principle of Pancasila “Belief to the one and only God” was applying up today. This first principle pretended to be the representation of every existing religion and cultures in Indonesia. This ideology supposed to be the most effective and efficient tool to unify the Indonesian religion, ethnic, and cultures. Piagam Jakarta is the one instance of the relationship between Indonesian Ideology Pancasila and the Islamic thought.

The first principle of Pancasila “Belief to the one and only God”

The items of belief to the one and only God:

  • The Indonesian nation declares their belief and loyalty into the one and only God.
  • All Indonesian people belief and do loyal into the one and only God, it accordance with their own religions based on fear and civilized humanity.
  • Building the harmony among the members of religious community.
  • The religion and belief is a personal problem for every human being and the God.
  • Building the tolerance milieu and respect for the members of religious community to do their worships.
  • Do not force anyone to belief in a certain religion.

From these items all Indonesian people obligated to take a religion and almost Indonesian people do understand, respect, and tolerance each other.

Pancasila is an alternative ideology

The existence of religion and the members of religion community becoming a factual reality, it insist the public awareness to keep them in harmony. The entire members of religion community have to be aware that their live are in a compound beliefs and religions. Therefore, none can dominate each other.

The fact is that Indonesia consist of religions, ethnic, languages, islands, and culture. Each other has their different value. This heterogenic sociocultural environment needs a very neutral and accepted ideology to unify each other and Pancasila have and being accepted for it.

In its development, Pancasila or event the contents or the items of it have a warmly acceptance for almost Indonesian people. But, the classic and actual controversial issues always occur in the first principle of Pancasila.“Belief to the one and only God” becomes a very hot and controversial issue. For some community the term of belief to the one and only God is too general and aimlessly, it caused into the different multipurpose according to the personal point of views. It was remanding of the long historical event, when the Islamic community wanted to declare Indonesia as an Islamic country. The impact of it today turns on many Islamic politic parties, Christian politic party, formal and informal Islamic community. Those explicitly decline the first national Ideology of Pancasila, and caused into the disintegration of Indonesia.

Actually, the concept of Pancasila is the concept of multi-religions country. This concept ensures and secures for the entire religions community to do worship in peace and harmony. Even Pancasila is not a religion based country and also a secular country moreover an atheist country. Indonesia that declares Pancasila as it ideology is not a country which is sacralizes one of the religion and also do not recognizing atheism and secularism. Indonesia uses Pancasila to push and facilitate the members of religion community to do for their religion. The implementation of certain religion laws in the country is possible and the spirit of pluralism and believing in God is regulated and guaranteed by the government. There will be no public worries because the laws of religion only applied for it community. The concept of Pancasila decreases the supremacy of a religion into another. There will be no major and minor religion community.

The controversies of Pancasila

Pancasila as the national ideology becomes very controversial issue when it is not adopted from the pure spirits of Indonesia. Lately, known that the principles in Pancasila is definitely similar with the Zionism principles of Monotheism, Nationalism, Humanism, Democracy, and Socialism. Incase Bung Karno, Muh Yamin, and Soepomo adopted the principle of Zionism and Freemansonry. Moreover, that the religions which are admitted in Indonesia is not only Islam but, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, Buddha, and Konghucu. Those religion is not a monotheism but multi-theism except Islam which is only admits Allah as the one and only God.

In the early independence days Pancasila is not supposed to became a unifying ideology, moreover to accommodate the principles spirits of Indonesia “Bhineka Tunggal Ika”. Pancasila designed to intercept the actualization of Syari’ah Islam (the actualization of Islamic Country). Almost the nationalist and non-Muslim up to day extremely use Pancasilato intercept the member of Muslim to actualize and doing Syari’ah Islameven though syari’ah Islam especially applies only for it members.Pancasila becomes a political force for anti-Islam based on the spirit of Bhineka Tunggal Ika because of not only Indonesia itself that consist of multi-ethnic, religions, and cultures; the United States and Malaysia succeed to conserve their complexity without any Pancasila. And the fact US and Malaysia were more developed.

This argumentation strengthen by the first violation of Pancasila by Soekarno, He forced his struggle to equalize the Indonesian ideologies, cultures, and art. The ideology of NASAKOM (Nationalism, Religion, and Communism) forced to be applied in Indonesia and also the ideology of “seni gaya lekra”. Meanwhile, the religious community declared as the enemy of revolution. And also under the supremacy of the second president Soeharto who have done the same mistake more than 60 years.

The violation of the “Belief on the one and only God”.

The ideology of Pancasila admits and sacralizes the religions in the government system. It unnecessary to change this ideology with the ideology based in a certain religion because it was and always become the ideology of religion. Pancasila has no contradicted values with any religion. It just refers to the members of religion community to create a tolerance and harmonious relationship among each other. The force to standardize the authorities and the certain laws of religion for all members of community becomes the violation of Pancasila itself; because there are no existing religions in Indonesia which come in conflict.

There are five religions in Indonesia: Islam, Christian, Catholic, Hindu, and Buddha. Becomes very ridiculous even when the standard of truth and morality laid in a certain religion.


Pancasila is an ideal ideology to be applied in Indonesia which has very complexity of religions, ethnics, and cultures. If this ideology changed by the ideology of certain religion or ethnic will occurs into the public inconveniences. By understanding and implementing Pancasila in the correct ways will bring Indonesia into the glory. To build the sense of belonging in Pancasila it necessary to encourages the real implementation of the items of the first principle ideology of Pancasila. By doing respects and tolerance among the member of religions community.


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