Citizenships cases and its analysis based on constitution No.12 year 2006.


1. The case of Irfan Bachdim (Dutch soccer plyare). This case happened in February 2009.

Case analysis:

Irfan Bachdim profile:

Bird: Netherland, 11 August 1988, the son of Indonesian father and a Dutch mother. His family moved to Netherland after his parent marriage.

Case’s solving:

Based on the constitution No.12 year 2006:

  1. Article 4 character (d)

“A child born by a legal marriage from a foreign citizen’s father and an Indonesian citizen’s mother”

  1. Article 21

“A child who has no attain yet the age of 18 (eighteen) or doesn’t getting married yet, has been and reside in Republic of Indonesia zone. From father or mother who acquire Republic of Indonesian citizenship is an Indonesian citizen automatically”

Therefore, Irfan Bachdim should choose his nationality before his match in Idonesian national team. Because, he was not 18 years yet before 11 August 2009.