Book Report Assignment

In order to fulfill the task of Comprehensive Reading PPB English bridging course

Lecturer: Mrs. Noor Qomariah

Name: Febryan Mujahid Panatagama

Student Number: 20090430023 (IPIEF)

Faculty of Economics (IPIEF) Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta

academic year 2010/2011


1. Introduction

Title                       : Mary, Queen of Scots

Author                  : Tim Vicary

Type of Book     : True Stories

Feeling about the Book:

The book contains of 39 pages, it quite short for me. This book written by Tim Vicary, and in my opinion it was very impressed touching story. The book told about the tragic romance of a catholic young Queen in the middle of church conflicts and it was a story from a pity mother to her son.

2. Body

The summary of story:

The story was in 1567s, the golden ages of churches. It was happened when the people are being happy to fight and death for their churches. The story was a letter written by Mary for her son James, it is about the aristocrat’s life of focused in the life of Mary. She is a Queen of Scot who was married with a France King. Therefore the story was set in Kingdom’s environment likes: workroom, dining room, castle, field, church, private room, and living room. The story also wrote Mary’s running places like Bothwell, Glashgow, Edinburg, and some part of England empire environment such as the prison and Fortheringhay castle.

The story involved numbers of characters, both the good guys and the bad guys. Bess Curle as the narrator of the story, the main character of this story is Mary Queen of Scots. She was the Queen of Scots in 1567’s, who married a France King named Francis (the father of James). James is the son of Mary and Francis. James is the one who’s the letter is written for. There is also a famous protestant churchman called John Knox, who insists Mary to look for a protestant man to be her husband even thought she is a catholic. In the time of looKing for husband there are several names listed such as Don Carlos (the King of Spain), Robert Dudley (who’s the man recommended by the Queen of Elizabeth), Davis Riccio (Italian young man), and Henry Darnley the cousin of King of Scots and the green son of Henry VII of England. Unfortunately he just 19th years old Earl, he behave like a child and teens, he never care about his status as the husband of Mary which is the Queen of Scotland and his name as the King of Scotland. Because of it Mary got close with Riccio who’s finally murdered by Darnley hence of his relationship with her wife.

Riccio’s murdering became the beginning of the new day for Mary and Darnley, Riccio is one of Earl Moray colleague and he was come to revenge for it. Both of them ran away, and in their running Mary meet the Earl of Bothwell, a strong and clever Earl who falls in love in Mary. And in the end of story, there was Lord Shewsbury an Englishman the officer of Queen Elizabeth. He helps Mary in delivering her letter toward James.

The story began and before Mary got her death punishment, she wrote a letter for her son though Lord Shewsburry. It is a narrative story, began with Mary’s marriage with Francis. Francis was passed away when Mary returned to Scotland from Frence. As a female catholic Queen, many people insist her to marry a protestant man, who’s going to be Scotland’s King. Under these pressures some Earls listed as the candidate of husband. Then finally, Marry married with Henry Darnley a younger man from England. Hence his ages, Darnley never cares about the Kingdom and Mary, also he was murdered a man who was Earl Morey’s colleague. Both Mary and Darnley were run away after that murderer, they separated in the middle of their running and Marry was pregnant at that time. And finally Mary meets the Earl of Bothwell. But unfortunately, the Earl of Bothwell not strong enough to protect Mary from Elizabeth troops. Which are came to arrest her. Henry Darnley was murdered in his hiding place not as long as the news about Mary’s romance with Earl Bothwell spread off. In the end Mary was arrested by Queen Elizabeth for more than 20 years, and terminated before she could explain the true story of her to her Son.

There are numbers of moral values found in that story; hence it was a true story these values seem more touching. Some of them are; the endless love of mother for her son that shown by Mary to her son James inspired us to appreciate our mother more, the bad behaviors of Darnley as the King of Scotland couldn’t be tolerated, the gentles of Earl Bothwell in caring Mary show us how we should behave a honored woman, and the loyalty of Mary for her catholic church when she struggled to live and death in her faith should be followed for every Faithfull people.

3. Conclusion

In the end, I really impressed with this story because of it was true story and full of educational values of loyalty, responsibility, loves, braves, religion, efforts, and faith. I really recommended this book for the peoples who interested in the true story’s book.