BMT Surya Arta is a unit of economics faculty in Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, it purposed to introduce the members of university to the practices of Islamic financial instruments. BMT Surya Arta not only accommodate the members of university but also all collegians and civics society. It lead by Mr. Imam BIntoro., SE., it already operated in 10 years.


BMT Surya Arta is designed to introduce the Islamic financial instrument into the members of university included the lectures, staffs, collegians, and also civics society around UMY. As same as the other BMT, it provides some Islamic financial instrument such as mudharabah and musyarakah in general. But in particular, especially for collegians it provides some special features such as DTS (Dana Talangan SPP) for who has economic problems before the examination, TaWis (Tabungan Wisuda) which is designed especially for first and second grade of collegians; this feature help some collegian to less their burdens before graduation; and also TaMa (Tabungan Mahasiswa) in general.

In its operational there are different treatments in servicing the member of BMT, BMT Surya Arta categorized its member into two: lecturers and staffs members and collegians member. It supposed to make its operational easier because there are different features in servicing them. For lectures, staffs, and civics society BMT Surya Arta provides some contracts such as mudharabah and musyarakah that required salary’s receipts as the precondition before the contracts taken, it will automatically cut their salary. BMT cooperates with University Financial Bureau to organize these conditions; it’s purposed to minimize some possibilities of bad dept.

BMT Surya Arta experienced some obstacles in its operation such as the bad dept that come from DTS (Dana Talangan SPP), the minimum attentions and helps from the faculty and university. These problems are anticipated by struggling in collecting the rest of DTS and sending some credits claim, and purposing some proposals for faculty and university to get some funds.

Souces: 13-05-2010, 05:00

Mrs. Ani (BMT’s official teller)