Young Entrepreneur between Compulsoriness and Achievement


Entrepreneurship, a magical word for almost people lately becomes a bit dilemma among Indonesian collegian. For me entrepreneurship could be very dangerous particularly for those who still on their student’s degree. What are entrepreneur and entrepreneurship actual meaning? Is it such that dangerous? And how should a collegian face their desire to be an entrepreneur? In the first part of my easy, I would like to define the actual meaning of both entrepreneur and entrepreneurship. Second, I will describe some bad impacts of entrepreneurship for students/collegians. Finally, I’m going to discuss how we should face our desire to have some entrepreneurship’s activities and be an entrepreneur.

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The Definition of Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneur

In general knowledge entrepreneurship is the act to be an entrepreneur, or someone who innovate some ideas to have any venture. It might be caused into some organization, enterprise or business company. According to Richard Cantillion the first Irish-French economist who was defined this terminology; original entrepreneur refers to a loan word (French) or a person who us willing to launch a new venture or enterprise and accept full responsibility for the outcome. IN 1800’s Jean Baptiste Say defined an entrepreneur is one who undertakes an enterprise. [1] But after years people start to enlarge the essence of entrepreneur to some wider lines including socio-politics entrepreneurial activities. With refer to these acknowledgment we could easily conclude that an entrepreneur is not merely a materialistic or business activities but more. It could be any social or political entrepreneurial actions. The thing that I’m trying to deliver in my easy latter is smart entrepreneurial acts that suitable for student/collegian degree.

The Definition of Young Entrepreneur

After a brief discussion on entrepreneurship and something related on it I would like to describe about young entrepreneur meaning. A young entrepreneur seems to be different term but it’s actually the same with entrepreneur in general. We just see an adjective “young” before entrepreneur term. The word young with refer to Webster English dictionary could be defined in several meanings such as being the first or an early stage of life, growth, development, junior, having little experience, recently come into being etc. I tend to define a young entrepreneur as those who recently come to be an entrepreneur and still have little experience on it.

Why entrepreneur could be dangerous?

For some circumstances entrepreneurship could be harmful for those who still in their student or bachelor degree. In ideal condition a student or collegian should focus on their study first than spending their time and energy to looking for pennies. For real there are many students or collegians that too busy on their business then their collage. Some friends of me event should spend their study’s period 3 up to 4 years more than the normal one. Another reality is some of my friend also trapped on excessive debts with some financial institutions like bank, debt collector or event with their friends and colleagues. Finally, when their business suffered some lost their school or university fees are scarified for debt payment or event they unable to pay it.

Furthermore, beside disturbs academic activities and debts problem there are other bad impacts that might be occurred due to over in entrepreneurial activities. For physiological aspects students or collegians which are in their young ages tends to be materialistic person during their business activities. They will begin to measure everything with money, seems that there is no something valuable that could not be measured with money. In this case, when they succeed on their business activities parental guidance is a necessity in order to balance their success with some other spiritual maintenance such as religion or social responsibility.

Starting Smart Entrepreneurship for Collegian

On these argumentations I’m not saying that starting being entrepreneur earlier or in our young ages is bad at all but, what I’m going to say is we should start our early entrepreneurial activities smartly. Smart entrepreneurship refers to entrepreneurial activities to gain some profits with minimum risks and capitals. We realize that young people will not have much capital as much their expectation. Some of them also have no sufficient mentality to play on big capital business.

Back to our first consideration that entrepreneurship is not merely business activities but including socio-political activities. This condition allows those that still on their study’s period to expand any entrepreneurial activities. According to my opinion young entrepreneur is not only those who exist in direct business activities such as trading, foreign currency, financial market or other business activities that need amount of capitals and a lot of risks.

I tend to say that young entrepreneur especially for students moreover collegians should start to enterprise smart business such as establishing or joining “koperasi” cooperation. When we join cooperation it means that we will share not only our capitals, profits, lost and also the risks. So it will not impact our academic acts much. When we talk about cooperation it means that we will talk about low-end profits gains as low as our low capital that being invested there. Low returns might be no so good, but we could experience much there. Beside we could study from other members of cooperation in business, we able to have direct experience in the business activities. Cooperation not merely business activities but, it include leaderships forum, social forum and legal organizational institutions that ratified by the constitutions. Since that cooperation is mushrooming lately, student and collegian could access it everywhere such as Students Cooperation, Campus Cooperation, Employees cooperation etc.

Last point of my easy is how student and collegian should face their desire to be an entrepreneur. After my long discussion with some Entrepreneur University, I can conclude that being an entrepreneur is something necessary but it should be prepared well. According to them a success entrepreneur is those who are all out on their entrepreneurship. Therefore, young entrepreneur including student and collegian should be really careful to have their entrepreneurship.


Finally, every young entrepreneur such as student and collegian should realize that their main compulsory is to conduct as a good student with good academic achievements; and one of their academic achievements might be their business achievement. They might be an entrepreneur but should not forget their academic activities or letting it unintended. They could practicing some entrepreneurial activities in some cooperation or other that has low risks and capital but rich of experiences that sufficient enough for their ages to have socio-political entrepreneurship activities.



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